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Maternity Session Tips

Maternity or Pregnancy portraits are meant to focus entirely on you, capturing the beauty of pregnancy and the shape of your body. If you are thinking about booking a maternity session, here are Vixen Photo Studio's 5 tips on when to book, what to bring, what not to worry about and more!

Maternity portraits
Celebrate your pregnancy with fabulous maternity portraits.

1. When is the best time to capture my maternity portraits?

Ideally during your third trimester is best, between your 30-34th week, but maternity portraits can be captured at any time during your pregnancy.  It’s great to book your session for when you are further along in your pregnancy so you can show off your baby bump!

2. What do I wear & bring?

Be sure to wear loose fitting clothing for the few hours before you session to avoid marks from bra straps, socks or elastic waist bands. 

It’s great if you can bring a few outfit options.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Long maxi skirts

  • A bra & pantie set that you feel fabulous in!

  • Bandeaus or bra-lets

  • Your favourite pair of jeans

  • Flowing maternity dresses ( is my go to for these! Most are around $30-35)

  • Robes or scarves for draping

  • Leather or jean jacket - just cause you are going to be a mom, doesn't mean to you can't be a bad a$$!

  • Don't forget jewellery and shoes!


  • Ultrasound print outs

  • Your baby-to-be’s first shoes or outfit

  • Any gifts or baby toys

3. How do I hide my stretch marks or blemishes?

No need to hide anything! Just come out as the beautiful goddess you are. Retouching is included with your session, so anything you want to "hide" can be retouched out.

We also offer packages with professional hair & makeup styling and highly recommend going and getting pampered before your session. It's totally takes the stress out of bad hair days and pop-up zits when you have pro's to style you.

4. Stay hydrated and have a snack.

Make sure you drink lots of water for the few day before your session. Hydrated skin looks perky and healthy and will help you look your best in your photos.

Make sure you and baby aren't hangry; have a snack before your shoot. As silly as it may seem, doing a photoshoot takes a lot of energy. Striking poses and looking fabulous is hard work (especially when you are also currently creating a human)! So be sure to fuel up before your session.

5. Have a date night afterwards!

Book a girlfriend date or a night out with your hubby after your session. You will be all dolled up and feeling fabulous, so take some time for yourself and go out and enjoy how truly amazing you are!

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