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Top 5 things to bring to your boudoir session


Ladies always ask me what to bring (other than their lingerie) for their boudoir portrait session.

So here are Vixen Boudoir’s top 5 things to remember for your session:

1. Shoes: A pair of black pumps will make your legs look extra long! 2. Jewellery: having a few great pieces totally add to your look. 3. Props: Whether it’s a surf board, jersey, sassy hat or your favourite jeans, bring something that is totally you! 4. Lipstick or Lip gloss for touch ups. 5. One outfit outside your comfort zone. You never know, you may be brave enough at the end of your session to do a couple fun shots!

Bonus Tip: Bring an extra pair or undies and bra just in case you need a second option for your session or to wear under an outfit for extra support.

If you have more questions or need some other ideas for your boudoir portraits, we would love to hear from you!  Send us an email at

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