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Meet our First Brave Bombshell!

Ladies, meet Shannon Mackenzie. This woman may come in a petite, blonde, 5 foot package, but she is a BRAVE BOMBSHELL in every sense of the word!

When I met Shannon (at Babes in Business in Kelowna), the first thing I noticed was her welcoming and kind smile. She has a way of making everyone feel special, heard and important. I immediately thought, this woman is amazing and I want to get to know her. And get to know her I did! We have worked together many times to create images for her massively growing social media following and business venture. And during these photoshoots, I realized that other women need to know Shannon and hear her story!

So here is a little bit of history on Shannon and her journey to becoming a BIG deal in a tiny package!

Shannon is married to the love of her life Doug (or Dougie as she lovingly refers to him as) and lives in Kelowna with her MOST adorable pom-chi-weenie cross pup Oliver. She is a Managing Market Mentor for Monat and 1 of only 25 Gratitude Ambassadors in the world. For those of you who don’f know to much about Monat, this is a BIG Deal! She has grown her business from just getting her toes wet with Monat to a 6 figure business in just 2 years. She has spoken on stage in front of over 5,000 entrepreneurs and won more than 20 trophies and awards with her business (my fav being her “Biggest Personailty” award).

But Shannon’s journey to love and success wasn’t an easy one. As anyone who has met Shannon or follows her on social media knows, she is an open book. She has bravely shared about her struggle to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as a major back injury that kept her from working a regular job and even from getting out of bed some mornings. She is now proudly 5 years clean & sober, living a life of passion and purpose, following her dreams and crossing things off her bucket list like a BOSS!

To read her interview, follow us on Instagram @vixen.boudoir.okanagan or Facebook:

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