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The Brave Bombshell Campaign Launch!

I believe that all women are beautiful, brave, amazing creatures and deserve to feel as such. Everyday I work with women at the studio to help them see themselves in a new light and appreciate just how stunning they truly are.

In my pursuit of celebrating the female form, I have met many awe inspiring women who have overcome major obstacles in their lives to become their best selves and follow their dreams. During their photoshoots, these women were brave enough to bare their skin and souls to me and I became overwhelmed by the realization how many AMAZING women we have living in the Okanagan Valley. After spending time with these gals, I came to the conclusion that other women might also like to hear their stories. And that maybe they too would be inspired!

So this January, I followed my dream and launched the Brave Bombshell Campaign. Every 2 months Vixen Photo Studio will feature a new local babe (Vernon, Kelowna, Lake Country and beyond) who is doing something brave, unique or inspiring. You’ll be able to get to know them through our interview and photo posts and follow them on social media!

My hope is the Brave Bombshell Campaign will brighten your day, encourage you to do something courageous or new inspire you to follow a dream or even just make you smile!

Stay tunes ladies, you’ll meet our first bombshell tomorrow!

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