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A spray tan gone wrong...and 10 other things you should know when doing a boudoir session! PART 1

I was an orange as an Oompa Loompa. I was "glowing" in all the wrong ways... This is my nightmare I thought as I spent 3 days exfoliating to get rid of my spray tan gone wrong. Apparently the spray tan booth tech had put the wrong colour tanner in and I left looked like Ross on FRIENDS after his tanning booth mishap. It was NOT ideal.

So here is how to avoid making this mistake and 10 other tips to have an awesome boudoir or photoshoot experience.

#1. As you may have guessed...Not all spray tans are equal! Avoid booth or automated spray tans where it's almost impossible to get a completely even glow. If you would like to get your glow on before your shoot, make sure you see a professional spray tan artist who does air brushing. They are able to apply the product in a way that looks natural, evens out tan lines and creates definition (BONUS they will know how to choose the correct colour for your skin!)

My 2 recommendations are Cheek to Chic and Glow Tanning Vernon. Also, make sure you book your spray tan AT LEAST 2 days before your shoot. You will need it to process and fade just a little.

#2. Wear something that makes you feel crazy beautiful! When you wear something you feel awesome in, it shows! Your photos will be exponentially better than if you select an outfit you "think you should wear" versus one you actually feel good in!

Also, all Vixen sessions include 2 or more outfits. So I suggest selecting 1 outfit that you fell completely fabulous in and are comfortable as well and at least one that is a bit outside your comfort zone, maybe a little more risqué or sexy. That way we can start in the outfit you are comfortable with and work our way to the one outside your comfort zone!

#3. Make the most of props! Bring props to your session. Something you can pay with, something that is uniquely you, or something that shows off your interests. Surf board, motorcycle, fav book, your hubby's rifle, a jersey from your favourite team, crytals and tarot cards from your meditation den, even your favourite tube of lipstick! It's fun to have things to play with and create images that say something about you.

#4. Get Glam! Treat yourself to having your hair and makeup done for your session. Vixen's most popular session (The Signature) includes the ultimate styling package including hair, makeup and luxury lashes with our glam squad at Cheek to Chic. You don't want to have to worry about a bad hair day or stress about crooked eyeliner on the day of your shoot! Instead, let us book you in for the full Vixen experience so you can arrive at the studio feeling like a complete bombshell!

#5. Save a few photos as inspiration. Save and share a few inspo photos with your photographer. That way they get an idea of your style and vision for your photoshoot. If we are working together, I encourage you to text or email me a few shots that you love before your shoot. It helps me get a visual of the style of boudoir you like. Do you like moody & dark, soft & romantic, playful and fun, edgy & sexy? Once I get a feel for the style you like, I can customize your shoot, photo sets and lighting to match!

Stay tuned for the next post where I give you some other fun tips to ensure your portrait session is super fun and your photos turned out better than you had ever hoped!

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