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A spray tan gone wrong...and 10 other things you should know when doing a boudoir session! PART 2

So we've covered how to avoid bad spray tans and tips on how to get ready for your session but here are a few other gems that will ensure you are 100% in LOVE with your images!

#6. Remember to bring accessories! Don't forget your shoes & jewellery! Especially if you have an engagement or wedding ring! You may also want to bring some necklaces and earrings. Bring a variety of options. If you aren't sure what shoes to wear, bring a couple of colours and styles, as well as a pair of boots if you have them. If you don't have heels, there are a bunch of pairs at the studio you are welcome to borrow (just message or text me to make sure I have the right size for you!)

Lastly, other accessories can be fun! Items like cowboy hats, a fedora, gloves, glasses, body jewellery or even hand cuffs can be really fun to play with during your photo session. So get creative! If you aren't sure, bring it and we can create your looks together.

#7. Communicate with your photographer. It is so important to be open and chat with your photographer. If I am lucky enough to work with you, I encourage you to share ideas, poses and your vision for the session. Even if you don't know exactly what you want, that's ok, I can help you narrow things down and make sure your session is completely customized to you and your style.

During your session I will check in with you to make sure you are liking the poses, to see if you have any ideas of your own or even giving you options between two poses so you can decide which you like better. I will often show you the back of the camera so you can see how fabulous you look! Your boudoir session is yours, so it's ok to share your likes and dislikes. It's encouraged!!

#8. Drink lots of water and avoid wearing tight clothing/socks on the day of your shoot. Stay hydrated! Skin looks healthier and shows fewer blemishes when you make sure to drink enough water. Also make sure you have a snack before your session. Women often arrive at the studio starving and half way through their session they start feeling light headed. There is no need to starve yourself! Your are fabulous and should be able to enjoy your shoot, not be day dreaming about finally being able to eat again! But incase you forget, we have lots of healthy snacks at the studio.

Lastly, avoid tight clothing like skinny jeans, bras, socks or tight yoga pants. They leave lines are your skin which can be very hard to edit out. Instead, wear a flow sundress or your favourite sweats, you'll be comfy and "dent" free!

#9. Try on your outfits before your session! Make sure that all your looks fit well, you don't have runs in your stockings, you aren't missing any pieces (ie the garter clips) and that you feel awesome in each piece!

#10. Don't Stress Out! Only joking, just try relax during your session. If this is your first session or you are feeling nervous, meet your photographer in advance of your session! If you are booking a session or you just want to know more about what to expect, message me for a studio visit! We can sit down and have a glass of wine or coffee, you can check out the studio and we can chat. I am happy to answer your questions and help feel more relaxed about your session. But even if you don't have time for a studio visit before your session, that's ok! I promise, you will have fun. I will guide you through the shoot showing you every pose and make sure you feel 100 % relaxed and FABULOUS!

P.S. we also have a full cocktail and wine bar at the studio should you need a bit of liquid courage.

BONUS TIP: Pack up everything you need for your shoot the night before and pop it in your vehicle. That way you will avoid forgetting anything if you are rushing around last minute on the day of. Seriously, you would not believe the amount of times someone arrives at the studio only to realize their back of shoes is still sitting in their front entrance!

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