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Do you want to be the next BRAVE BOMBSHELL?

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Calling all amazing women of the Okanagan! We want to hear your story!

Do you know an amazing local Okanagan woman who is doing something awe-inspiring?

Is she...

  • Empowering or uplifting other women in the community?

  • Fighting a fight you think other women need to know about?

  • Doing something only boys are "supposed to do"?

  • Making the world a better place?

  • Running a business supporting or encouraging women?

  • Running a charity or raising funds for a fabulous cause?

  • Or is just plain amazing and other women need to hear her story!

  • Are you that woman?

AWESOME, cause we want to meet her (or you)!

Keep reading... I promise it gets really good!

The Brave Bombshell Campaign was started so that I could share the stories of some amazing local women doing some pretty inspiring and life changing things with all of you. Every 2 months or so, Vixen Photo Studio will feature portraits and an interview with 1 fabulous local woman. In the hopes that their stories will encourage you, inspire you or even just make you smile!

OK so here's the best part... I AM SOOOOO excited to announce that Vixen Photo Studio is now accepting nominations for the next Brave Bombshell Campaign model! What does this mean?

It means, one LUCKY local gal will receive:

  • Hair & Makeup Styling with Cheek to Chic

  • A 1-2 hour concept boudoir shoot with Vixen Photo Studio

  • An interview with Ashley Duggan (Vixen's one photographer) to tell her story

  • A feature as the Spring Brave Bombshell on Vixen's Instagram, Facebook & Website

  • 8 digital images

Well ladies, thanks so much for reading. I hope that you think about nominating yourself or a woman you think is truly a Brave Bombshell!

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